Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sort of companies do Percy Group work with?

Whether you are a private label, retailer, start-up or distributor of global brands, Percy Group has the everything you need to manage your business, to get to page one of search and win the buy box.

2. How much do Percy Group’s services cost?

Percy Group roll up most of the costs of managing your marketplace business into one overarching ‘management fee’ which covers nearly everything once you have product in a warehouse in the UK / EU to final delivery and customer service to the consumer.  For example, we don’t have separate fees for graphic design, catalogue optimisation, international expansion, reporting, trademark protection etc.

3. What additional costs are there?

The only additional costs to consider would be:

  • Product Photography:  We can generally shoot products at a rate of approximately 5 SKUs/HR, possibly faster.  Graphic design, EBC/A+ Content creation, copy writing, etc are all covered by the Management Fee and not billed at an hourly rate.
  • Advertising Budget:  On-Amazon/eBay PPC and Social Media Advertising spend is paid for by the client. Usually a budget is set at the offset and monitored by us.
  • Messenger Bot Budget: High potential turnover products may qualify for our ‘Golden ASIN’ program, which entails a contribution by the client of promotional inventory and some cost. Ideally a marketing assistant at the client company would have time also to contribute to the program success
  • Packaging and Inserts Design: It is very important for your buyers to be happy with what they receive in order to minimise returns and generate positive product reviews. We work with our clients to ensure things like barcodes, user guides and packing boxes are up to standard.

4. What are the advantages of using Percy Group?

Percy Group has over 10 years’ experience and are UK-leading specialists in selling all kinds of goods on Amazon and other eMarketplaces in the UK, EU and further afield. Marketplace selling – especially on Amazon- is ever-changing and so we stay ahead of the curve for you. Our cost structure generally works out lower than the salary of one assistant. So, a win/win for you.

5. Will Brexit affect sales with Percy Group?

No matter what happens, we have all bases covered. With distribution centres in Ireland, England, Germany and more we will optimise distribution, save you money on storage, and have options available for picking, packing shipping and returns inside and outside the EU when you need them.

6. What if units I ship to you don’t sell?

As part of our onboarding process we apply your product range to the world’s-best software, so that we can accurately-as-possible forecast demand, profitability and ROI. Any overstocks can be returned to you.

7. Do I need a Trademark?

If you intend to grow sales of your own brand, then it is certainly recommended to do so, as there are many marketing and enforcement perks to the Amazon Brand Registry program. We can assist you with the selection and registration of UK, EU and Global Trademark registrations, via the services of our partner organisations HGF, who are one  f Europe’s leading IP Attorneys.

8. How many products can we sell?

If you have a range in mind, then we can go with that, but the sky’s the limit provided you have the inventory and it meets Amazon’s Catalogue Terms. We work with clients with one product, or five thousand plus. Note: there are many niche/pilot programs within Amazon that offer special perks to Hazardous / Heavy & Large 30kg+ / Small & Light Items. Many of which can still give you the Prime badge. You’ve just got to know how. Ask us for more details if you’re not sure.

9. Can we do a trial?

Our standard terms are either 1 or 2 years. However we can offer as short a term as 3 months if it helps. Terms apply.