Deep Dive Consultation

our ddc is not essential for everyone, however, If you have a large fragmented inventory, 

or a new concept brand or product that requires a case-study (proof of concept),

or even if you just need advice from people ‘in the know’ then let’s have a proper discussion.

we love researching new product opportunities and building winning strategies.


It’s essential to be “on the same page”, so that when we start to work together, we understand all your needs. 

Our Deep Dive Consultation includes: 

  • Interview with Brand
  • Confidential discussion on goals/targets
  • Evaluate your existing end-to-end performance including; listings, fulfilment, distribution model, routes to market, account health and revenue (on and off Amazon)
  • Conduct health check on your Intellectual Property (IP) including Patents, Trademarks and marketing claims
  • Review your current or planned product rage in terms of compliance, supply chain, quality of product, branding, packaging and margins.
  • Analyse the competitive landscape to highlight new opportunities over competing sellers/brands and assess your growth potential
  • Run an IT systems check to investigate your workflows and systems, including feed inspection if you use a listing tool
  • Run reports on UK/EU FBA Smart Scouting, Fulfilment Optimisation, Ad Spend Estimator, SSP (MAP) violators and more (See examples of reports below)
  • Assess your suitability for Brand Partnership


The findings and suggestions developed by us are delivered in an official presentation or report, and include:

  • Confidence Level Research Results (see Reports section below)
  • Best practice strategy, to cover fulfilment, inventory, optimisation, expansion goals etc.
  • Our Brand Partnership Proposal 


Do you have large supplier product lists, and want to see what product could sell well on Amazon FBA?  We take the pain out of time-consuming manual research and add some smart ‘insider intel’, to show you:

– Estimated Sales and Profit
– Demand Forecast
– Fee Breakdown
– Estimated Number of Orders Per Day
   (see left example)

Strategy Development

Support of the execution and evolution of the Client’s eMarketplace strategy

Repricing Strategies

Management of pricing and adherence to Client’s price policies

Catalogue Expansion

Support of the growth and expansion of the Client’s brand’s catalogue

Report #2 Fulfillment optimisation

Check if there exists a better, cheaper, more reliable shipping method than what you have currently, and see if you can get the Prime badge without spending more on shipping.


Catalogue Strategy (Includes Creation & Clean-up)

Support and development of catalogue listings including: structural analysis to understand the current Product potential and determine strategic approach to optimisation; removal of requests for duplicate listings; splitting and merging of listings as applicable; creation of parent-child listings for Product variations; periodic audits for catalogue health

Product storage, handling and delivery

Support for various shipment services including; Fulfilment by Amazon, Seller Fulfilled Prime, Fulfilment by Merchant (Whether Stored and Shipped by PG or the Client), on and off-eMarketplace sales (for sales on other online marketplaces, own website sales etc)

Advertising Campaign Management

Create, maintain and optimise advertising campaigns for the Client’s e-Marketplace listings per agreed upon strategy. PG will perform continual keyword analysis to achieve optimal results and maximise the Client’s Product visibility for relevant searches & customer behaviour on the e-Marketplace. Budget is agreed upon upfront and all advertising costs will be passed on to the Client

Report #3 COMPETITIVE Landscape

If you want to focus on a particular range but don’t know your price points, or what the pie looks like in terms of potential sales capacity, then a Competitive Landscape report is for you. 

We analyse the competition in extreme depth, show you the winning lines, their sales per month, what their fulfilment strategy is and review their listing optimisation. After which we give you a confidence level and estimated budget you’ll need in order to succeed.


Returns Management

For Product returns, PG evaluates the Products and will take appropriate action to either send the items back to inventory, dispose, return it to the Client, or make a claim to the eMarketplace to resolve issues

Product Review Management

PG will solicit product and seller account reviews, as appropriate, following product purchases. PG may also monitor and respond to Product reviews under the guidance of the Client.

Demand Planning

Management of inventory levels and work to prevent/minimise stock outages and development of understanding re-inventory availability and lead times

Report #4

Sponsored advertising budget estimate

Amazon is an Advertising Monster.

A carefully planned Advertising program is essential. As must be the employment of the services of an experienced and dedicated team who manage the campaigns for you. This can very often make all the difference between who wins and who loses in this age of Amazon dominance.

We analyse your competition in extreme depth and note what they are bidding on each product, so that we can analyse your listings and not overspend. We use AI machine-learning software which has hourly-bidding changes, plus our own extensive experience to keep your Advertising costs as low as possible and maximise gains. We also have ways to advertise on Amazon that you may not be aware of.