Established in 2009, Percy Group has the cutting-edge technology to elevate your business. We are your one-stop-shop Amazon Partner. We are your trusted advocate.  Explore our services today.

Who are Percy Group?

We provide award-winning, technology-driven services for brands looking to maximise their potential on Amazon. We work with producers to optimise their products listings, drive traffic, maximise profits, and protect their brand from counterfeiters on Amazon. The result is growth and applied sanity.

Tailored Amazon Strategy

Ask our Expert Amazon Specialists to give you a custom plan for your own personal Amazon Growth. Some things are better outsourced.

Awesome Machine Learning

Let A.I. be your “unfair advantage” and put your competitors in the shade. Not just for Sponsored Listings, but Repricing Up & Down.

Amazon and More

As a Strategic Partner to Linnworks, an EDI Provider AND a Back-End Developer, we have custom tech solutions to connect you to any Online Marketplace. Say goodbye to human error and hello to Automation.

Catalogue Services
We optimise your Product Detail Pages, Translate and Enhance Content
Linnworks ERP

We customise Europe’s leading Order Management System and connect you to Amazon, eBay, C-Discount & more

Algorithmic Repricing
Price up as well as down to bring in the bacon
3PL Distribution

We store, pick, pack, ship and mange returns for you in the UK, EU & Abroad. Inc Small & Light or Heavy & Large Items

Revenue Intelligence
Where you’re losing – and gaining – like you’ve never seen  before
Customer Services
Need us to help your buyers? Consider it done!
FBA Refund Service
Don’t assume Amazon give you every pound back they owe you.
Counterfeits and Passing Off

Don’t recognise that seller? We can stop them for good. Plus help stamp out any counterfeit issues online

Award Winning, Technology-Driven Services for Brands

Amazon can be your Wholesale Customer, or it can be your Agent. It can be a hybrid of both if it suits.

We have everything you think you need to stack it up perfectly, plus great stuff you probably never even knew existed.

The smile on the box could soon match your own…