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About Percy Group

Based at our 324 year-old, 40-acre Country Estate in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, Percy Group has a wealth of experience in E-commerce.

With a historical background supplying Telecoms and Security Equipment, our products would never be sold on the high-street (or Retail Parks for that matter), so our business grew as the internet became a thing. In 1999 we built our first website. Soon after we adopted Google PPC.  We created our first Amazon.co.uk listing in 2009. We recognised early on what Amazon would become. The demographic was perfect for us. Back then there were large businesses looking for commercial equipment on Amazon. Ten years later that has not changed.

About Roger Percy | CEO

Roger Percy is an E-Commerce Veteran of 20 years, has founded and sold brand companies, and supplied products and services at every level. 

Roger’s strategic advisory services help senior executives and management teams develop a customer-centric strategy, gain valuable insights into GMV vs bottom line, and overcome the technical barriers to grow sales internationally. Percy Group provide full-service account management to help producers outsource the day-to-day operations of their marketplace channels. Our Vision is for Percy Group to be the leading Amazon Success Agency for Brands in the UK and the Island of Ireland.

More Effective Than Google

Amazon advertising is 3x more effective than Google. If you want to know how to spell ‘rhododendron’ go to Google.

Techie stuff made simple

We’ve all the clever integrations and developers you need in-house including; AI, EDI, API, C#, Java, SQL, ERP. Automation = Scalability




Multi-Channel Solutions

Let’s discuss eBay, C-Discount, Allegro, Sears, Etsy, Shopify, Magento, Walmart and more. We’ve got the lot covered.

Amazon's market value $1tn

On 4th September 2018 Amazon’s market value rose to £779bn. Can you afford to give that marketshare to others?




Action Cures Fear

If Amazon is the Elephant in the Room, then talk to us in absolute confidence. What do you have to lose?

Essential Amazon To-Do's

Fix poor product representation. Take control of supply. Maximise your profits. Do not procrastinate.

Fancy a coffee? Victor here used to work at Starbucks. Oh yeah.

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