Introducing Amazoom!


The 4-8 week catapult program which gets your product to page one of competitive search results, while generating authentic, verified product reviews


Amazoom is a comprehensive, done-for-you product launch service created by Amazon experts which fully manages the process of running promotional launches through cutting-edge and proven techniques.

With Amazoom, you no longer have to spend hours attempting to optimise listings, manually creating chatbot flows, creating short videos, limiting the daily and total offers claimed, creating voucher codes, issuing rebates, and following up for reviews.

Instead, Amazoom is an all-in-one powerpack service and optimises each of those processes and more, reducing your time spent from hours to minutes while improving your results!

Week 1: Product

–  Deep Dive Product Discussion 30 Mins

– Assign Amazoom Account Manager

– Target Keywords

– Target Revenue

– Check Packaging

– Amazon Brand Registry

– Optimise Page, translate to FR, DE, ES, IT if required

– Infographics & Lifestyle Images

– Product Inserts & QR Codes

– Customer Services FAQs


Week 2: Campaigns

– Create Video Ads

– Program Facebook Messenger Bots

– Set up Social Campaigns

– Complete External Traffic Set Up

– Merchandising; vouchers, coupons, promotions

– Create PPC Campaigns

– Follow Up Emails and Reviews Strategy

– Set Keyword Tracking

– Send Goods to FBA


Week 3: Launch

– Make Product Available to Buyers

– Issue Revenue Intelligence and Keyword Tracking Software to Client


Week 4: Boost

– Monitor sales and ad spend

– Optimise Conversion

– Tweak Campaigns where Required

– Assess ACOS

– Analyse Amazon Algorithms

–  Monitor Inventory Levels, Replenish if Required

– Monitor Reviews

– Remove Hijackers

– Re-Optimise Keywords as Required for Further Growth


Here’s How Amazoom is Different:-

We take your product from scratch and build every element possible ourselves. This means real humans working flat out for you, with one simple goal – sales and profit for you, our client. All techniques and strategies applied with Amazoom comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service. There are many ‘black-hat’ or non-Amazon-TOS approaches being used out there to cheat Amazon, from people or companies who take your money and run. Percy Group on the other hand take a long-term view for repeat business and sustainable growth. We have been selling products on Amazon for over 10 years and we use both our own legacy Amazon accounts or those of our clients to run these campaigns, and therefore understandably getting accounts suspended due to dodgy tactics is never going to happen. For example; we would never solicit buyers with any rebate based on demanding a positive product review.  Our system allows us to target buyers who are actually interested in your product instead of recycling buyers from a small pool.

Amazoom helps you get legitimate product reviews through Amazon-TOS compliant customer follow-up flow, so you can outgrow your competition. (Contact us for more details)