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For larger product ranges



of online product searches begin directly on Amazon


of in-store shoppers will check prices online before making a purchase


of Amazon customers are Prime members

Don't upset your trade buyers

Traditional distribution channels are your bread and butter. So you can’t be seen to sell direct on Amazon. Yet your customers make a hash of it, causing long-term damage with bad customer reviews. What’s the solution?

capture the  DEMAND

Percy Group has the ‘inside track’ on customer demand for your products on Amazon. So we know how often prospective buyers search for your product. We identify where that business is currently going – and if buyers are ‘put off’ your product and end up buying a competitor one. We then put a plan together to change that for good, to your product being the #1 choice instead. Amazon Purchase Orders are typically received within 3-6 months, and your products are then “Dispatched and Sold by Amazon“.

Prove Accurate Demand

We scrutinise data from multiple sources to accurately pinpoint buyer search trends for your products. This includes keyword frequency including spellings, misspellings and more. So no matter what your product is, we’ll let you know the demand, and drill into buyer habits.

Evaluate the Competition

Would you like to know how much your competition are making on Amazon? We’ll pull data on monthly revenue, monthly unit sales and even profits of products. Also our Amazon experts can tell how well product pages are optimised for ranking and how to score listings in the same way Amazon would.

Agree a Strategy

By assessing demand and putting a value to the market, we demonstrate how we plan to get you to top spot and how long it will take. We even increase external traffic from off-Amazon sources to increase Amazon search, thus growing the market for you.

Maximum Coverage

Our product optimisation and ranking service is second to none. So we know how best to make your product appear on page one for as many searches as possible or relevant.



Images drive 67% of purchasing decisions online. Percy Group’s enhancement services focus on enhancing listings through aesthetic and content improvements. Enhancements empower the buyer to fully understand product benefits and brand authenticity through listing copywriting, search optimisation, A+/Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon storefronts, and review management.

Product Review Management

Percy Group will solicit product and seller account reviews, as appropriate, following product purchases or via other approved Amazon methods.

Product Storage, Handling and Delivery

Customer experience is always number one priority as is getting the Prime Badge on your listings. There are a surprising array of ways to get the Prime badge, even for over-size items, or the very small or light. Happy buyers don’t return goods.

Returns Management

For product returns, Percy Group evaluates the products and will take appropriate action to either send the items back to inventory, dispose of, return it to the client, or make a claim to the e-marketplace to resolve issues.


Amazon advertising is 3.5 times more effective than Google. If you want to check how to spell ‘Rhododendron’ go to Google.
If you want to buy something however, Amazon is the No1 solution.


70% of Amazon customers never click past the first page of search results. While organic sales can increase a product’s rank in search results, there are many other tools to help brands overcome Amazon’s complex search algorithm. Percy Group manages advertising programs including sponsored ads (PPC), headline ads, and product display ads, which are investments in creating exposure for products on the platform.

Advertising Campaign Management

We create, maintain and optimise all advertising campaigns for the client’s e-marketplace listings. Percy Group will perform continual keyword analysis to achieve optimal results and maximise the client’s product visibility for relevant searches & customer behaviour on the e-marketplace.

External Traffic

Increasingly getting to page one requires more than optimisation and PPC. We are masters at driving buyers from different sources such as social media to your listings to increase keyword ranking. The plan is to get to page one and then stay there, to dominate the category for the long-term

Deal/Promotion Support

There are very clever ways to increase the invoice value of buyer orders on Amazon, by up-selling promotional items or incentivising further spend through vouchers etc. Everyone loves a bargain and we maximised perceived value and create a buzz with the product and a reason to buy

Barbed Wire

A bad customer experience can lead to negative product reviews, which could kill your product indefinitely. 

So if you don’t recongnise that seller supposedly providing your product, then what exactly is in that box? Is it new or used? Is it real or  a dodgy Alibaba imitation?



Amazon being a marketplace is open to abuse by rogue sellers. Counterfeits are a problem, but more so is the issue of passing off. The practise of ‘bad actors’ hijacking listings to deliver white-branded or second hand items is rife, and understandably requires a constant skilled eye to watch out for and protect your hard-earned revenues.

Price Policy Monitoring

Tracking prices and sellers of products and reporting SSP violations to the client.

Intellectual Property Violations

Removing listings or images identified by the brand as unlawfully using the brand’s trademark, copyright, or as potentially counterfeit.

Reselling Policy Support

Assisting the brand in drafting and developing the right price policy and/or authorised seller program.