Our Consulting Team Led by CEO Roger Percy

Roger Percy is an E-Commerce Veteran of 20 years, has founded and sold brand companies, and supplied products and services at every level. 

Roger’s strategic advisory services help senior executives and management teams develop a customer-centric strategy, gain valuable insights into GMV vs bottom line, and overcome the technical barriers to grow sales internationally.

Percy Group provide full-service account management to help producers outsource the day-to-day operations of their marketplace channels.

Our Vision is for Percy Group to be the leading Amazon Success Agency for Brands in the UK and the Island of Ireland.

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Trading Companies using Seller Central

We review your account and identify all strengths & weaknesses.

Winning the buy box is not a Dark Art

Seller Feedback and Reviews can be managed. Customer Services can be a breeze.

We have super-smart tools to harness the full potential of FBA, FBM and SFP in the UK, EU and beyond.

If you want to grow and increase your profits without ANY headaches then get in touch.


Funding or Revenue Share

If your growth budget doesn’t quite cut it, speak to us in confidence about how we can assist.

We have the means to get you ‘match funding’ whereby up to 40% of your project costs are paid for – for free – you only need the 60%. This can include the majority of our services and more, even for very big projects.

If that doesn’t fit, you might prefer a revenue-share agreement, whereby we absorb some of the risk and essentially invest our time and resources into your products.

Your can speak with us in the strictest confidence.

Vendors / Brands

Brands are the lifeblood of Amazon. There’s nowhere better for B2C.

But how do Brands develop a Customer-centric Strategy for Internationalisation Growth?

How can you onboard the technical international issues such as; VAT, Fulfilment/Refunds, Language Barriers, Automation and – not forgetting – the workload and know-how? It’s not a job for an intern.

What about other EU websites & markeplaces outside Amazon, such as eBay, C-Discount and Allegro, or the American ones such as NewEgg and Sears?

Communication with the customer has to come first in any B2C arrangement, while maintaining a firm grip on your GMV/Bottom Line.

All this can be achieved, and more, with Percy Group.