What We Offer

Catalogue Services
Products Detail Pages, A+ Enhanced Content, Small & Light, Heavy & Large, FBA, FBM, SFP, Vendor, Seller Central..
Algorithmic Repricing
Destroy the competition with Machine-Learning, cutting-edge Repricing Software that prices up and down.
Revenue Intelligence
The devil is in the detail. Full stack cost analysis including advertising, returns, inventory, VAT, shipping and product.
Amazon Refund Claims
Receive what you are owed for Missing or Damaged FBA Returns, Lost Inbound, Missing Refunds and more
Our experienced product photographers can create stunning images and engaging Video for Ads
3PL Distribution
We can store, pick, pack, ship and manage returns for your products in the UK and EU, inc oversize or 2 man delivery.
Customer Services
We’d love to help and support your customers. We’ll do so as if it were our own brand and work as your 2nd office
Counterfeits and Passing Off
We work with Amazon’s dedicated counterfeiting team to stop fakes and sellers passing their own goods as yours.
Accounting & VAT

We have a wealth of experience with the Pan-EU Inventory Program and exporting outside the EU. We help with registration, compliance and strategy. 

Amazon Advertising & Merchandising
Machine Learning Sponsored Ads, Headline Ads, Video Ads, Stores, Promotions, Vouchers, Measurement, Amazon DSP, Vine, Vouchers, Promotions and Ad strategy.
Order Management / EDI
We are Strategic Partners with Linnworks, an EDI Provider and Back-End Developers, so no matter what you want to do, we have the automation tools you need.
Business Consulting

Every brand and seller is different. We assist with funding, branding, trademarks, strategy, international growth, R&D, Tax, performance, compliance, support and more.

Catalogue Services

Give your product detail pages that extra va-va-voom. Our UK-based team of experienced catalogue specialists will optimise and enhance all your content beautifully.  We have often-exclusive solutions for Small & Light items, Heavy & Large products, 1-man, 2-man or Specialist Delivery. We manage Brand Registry and are experts in, FBA, FBM, SFP, Vendor/ Retail, Seller Central and hybrids of both. We eat size variations and parent SKUs for breakfast. Capiche?

Algorithmic Repricing

Use the incredible, self-learning, algorithmic repricer to analyse your competitive landscape 24/7. Harness artificial intelligence and big data techniques to determine the ideal price based on your business goals. Forget the race to the bottom, as real green arrows come from pricing up as well as down. The end result? Higher profits with less effort.

Revenue Intelligence

Gain visibility into your Amazon business like never before. We collect millions of data points from across the market to help you make smarter decisions — allowing you to stay competitive and react to market changes in real time.

#Inventory velocity decisions

Never let your top-performing products run out of stock again. Our popular replenishment report will identify which products to replenish, at what volume and at what time.

#Pricing strategies

Get a granular look into your pricing performance to make sure your pricing strategy is in line with your business objectives.

Advertising and Merchandising

Amazon Advertising is remarkably effective, with a Q2 2018 Digital Marketing Report out from Merkle suggesting that Amazon Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads have a conversion rate three to three and a half times that of Google Shopping Ads.

Percy Group give you BY FAR the most comprehensive tools available on the market to make it happen.

“Amazon Advertising” includes Sponsored Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Stores, Measurement across Amazon and on third-party sites and apps, and Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

We apply cutting-edge machine learning technology to Sponsored Listings. Plus access to data containing P&L info, including VAT and Ad Spend by SKU or campaign. No more guessing if ads are losing or making money.

We Merchandise too with Vouchers, Promotions and Vine which gets you legitimate & verified reviews

Order Management / EDI

As a Linnworks Strategic Partner, we set you up with Linnworks and custom it to connect to anything you need; be it your inventory, carriers, sales channels, customer service software, CRM and much more.

Plus we help automate repetitive tasks by coding for you, even with your drop shippers.
Did you know we have the only built-in EDI connector for Amazon Vendor and Linnworks?

Accounting & VAT

Percy Group has many years experience supplying goods into the EU and beyond. Whether by Amazon’s Pan EU Inventory Scheme or similar.

Part of the VAT-challenge can be identifying the product ‘ship-from’ address for every order, as this affects the VAT rate chargeable, which is not easy when Amazon move your goods around for you.

We help set you up and integrate the right rules and practises to onboard a customer-centric Internationalisation Growth Strategy which boosts your bottom line & GMV

Amazon Refund Claims

Say hello to the next generation of FBA claim systems. We combine the latest in algorithmic search technology with hard-earned FBA expertise to recover the following for you, even from suspended accounts!

● Lost and damaged items at Amazon facilities.

● Lost inbound items.

● Damaged returns by carrier or Amazon.

● Order refunds not returned.

● Incomplete reimbursements on refunds.

● FBA fee overcharges, by weight or dimension.

We tend to focus on larger accounts instead of doing business by volume, therefore enabling us to carefully attend to each and every Seller. This equates to maximum returns for you, and strict adherence to the Amazon Terms Of Service.

Back of the net you might say.

3PL Distribution

It’s your stock, in the right place. Stored properly. Counted properly. Picked and packed properly.

On with the right courier, on the right service.

Tracked, with the tracking reference in YOUR system. Tracked, with YOUR customer informed.

Delivered with a POD sent to YOU. Non-delivery and YOU’RE updated. Returns managed too.

Ireland, Mainland UK, EU, and far away.


Who wants to read loads of boring text on a listing when they don’t have to?

Credit your future buyers with the nous to make intelligent purchasing decisions. Overcome some of the lesser-obvious buyer blockers. Of course it has a USB port, it’s on the picture.

Oh, and did we mention Video Ads becoming a thing?

Customer Services

Sometimes you need a carefully constructed email, or better still a phone call from someone completely on the ball right?

That big order that needs a delivery questionnaire before shipment…

The nightmare threatening negative feedback…

Those complex Pan-EU VAT Invoice Requests…

We know, and that’s why we’re here for you, and we know what we’re doing.

Counterfeits and Passing Off

Counterfeits can be removed from Amazon.

Brands apply a unique identifier to every unit they produce, which are then issued and validated easily by Amazon.

We have sophisticated systems to stop people from hijacking listings and supplying their own non-branded versions.

Please get in touch to discuss in confidence.

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