Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon Advertising is one of the most important factors to consider when selling online. Amazon is consumers’ first resource when looking to buy a specific product online and is three times more effective than Google

Advertising on Amazon not only increases sales but increases organic rankings. It is an essential part of todays digital world effecting the buyers decision process by reading reviews, and allowing promotions.

At Percy Group we’ve developed strategies, tools, and systems in order to drive massive results. Allowing you to be the best in your field.




This research was conducted by VIGA among 6,088 consumers from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium in September 2018. There were 2,000 respondents from the UK


We perform a detailed audit to fully understand the history of your campaigns and how we can improve.

Tailored Strategy

Develop a tailored Amazon advertising strategy based off the results of your audit and your specific goals.


Begin refinement, optimization, and expansion of your advertising campaigns.


Once ACoS, bids, and keywords are optimized, we’ll begin scaling your budgets to increase sales.