All Under One Roof

What We Do

If you’ve managed an Amazon or Marketplace business, then you’ll know how time-consuming, stressful and incredibly complicated and fragmented it can be, often for very little in return. The good news is Percy Group have worked with Amazon for over ten years and have certainly “been there, done it etc”. Percy Group have all the services available to you to deliver the success that your brand deserves on marketplaces, including getting your products to page one of search. In reality you ship the goods to us and we take care of everything else. Thus leaving you to get on with what you do best; i.e. growing your brand.

1. Research/Consultation

● Confidential discussion to understand your situation and goals
● Check if your trademark / distribution rights, product packaging, barcodes and inserts are Amazon/ Marketplaces-ready Offer services to fix missing elements
● Run a deep dive into your competitive landscape; current ‘page one’ competing products, frequency of search, potential monthly revenue & bottom line
● Check if need value-added services such as; assistance with product development/ sourcing, photography, packaging design, translation services, international returns

Output: Propose how we achieve your goals, with a competitive landscape report, opportunity score and plan of action. Upon agreement we offer our Brand Partnership Agreement, Retail Arbitrage Agreement or other based on client business model


2. Sales Management

● Fortnightly orders & trends report, stock replenishment reports and trademark violations/enforcements reports
● Monthly Revenue and advertising summaries
● Amazon SEO / product detail page optimisation,
Amazon/GS1 back-end, brand stores
● Customer service feedback
● Identify ‘Golden ASINs’ – mass appeal products with maximum gain potential
● Graphic Design & Branding, Infographics, Video
● Advertising – PPC, sponsored listings, headline / brand searches advertising, video advertising (coming soon)
● Merchandising / Promotions


3. Fulfilment

● Inventory replenishment for growth
● Enter the European Fulfilment Network for Prime across the EU
● Amazon Heavy & Large for 30kg+ or oversize items
● Off-Amazon sales / 3PL
● List on 40+ European Marketplaces
● Storage / Pick & Pack
● International Returns & Services


4. Product Development & Sourcing

● R&D grants and assistance
● Procurement & sourcing
● Agent sampling
● Quality control & compliance
● Third party post-production quality checks
● Negotiating payment terms
● Import & freight forwarding services


5. International Sales & Distribution

● Exchange rate strategy
● Translation services
● International customer services
● Returns management
● Global amazon and market places
● Maintaining direct customer relationship with buyer
● Firm grip on bottomline


6. IP Protection

● Brand protection
● Counterfeit removal
● Passing off prevention
● Managing infringements & violations
● 24-7 software listings monitoring
● In house IP specialists and legal specialists looking after your brand


7. Software Development

● IP protection – monitoring listings
● International VAT for product sales
● Custom code or apps


Catalogue Services

Detail page optimisation (Amazon SEO) is critical to maintain your product ranking, and maximise sales

Algorithmic Repricing

Destroy the competition with Machine-Learning, cutting-edge Repricing Software that prices up and down.

Revenue Intelligence

The devil is in the detail. Full stack cost analysis including advertising, returns, inventory, VAT, shipping and product.

Amazon Refund Claims

Receive what you are owed for Missing or Damaged FBA Returns, Lost Inbound, Missing Refunds and more


Our photographers create stunning product & packaging shots, plus create engaging product and brand Video.

3PL Distribution

We can store, pick, pack, ship and manage returns for your products in the UK and EU, inc oversize or 2 man delivery.

Customer Services

We’d love to help and support your customers. We’ll do so as if it were our own brand and work as your 2nd office.

Counterfeits and Passing Off

We work with Amazon’s dedicated counterfeiting team to stop fakes and sellers passing their own goods as yours.

Accounting & VAT

We have a wealth of experience with the Pan-EU Inventory Program and exporting outside the EU. We help with registration, compliance and strategy.

Advertising & Merchandising

We get you to page one of search results and keep you there. A low-cost and effective PPC campaign with discount codes etc help buyers find and buy your products.

Packaging Design & Print

Generate repeat buyers, positive reviews and minimise returns, with fit-for-purpose packaging and informative brand-reinforcing inserts

Business Consulting

Every brand and seller is different. We assist with funding, branding, trademarks, strategy, international growth, R&D, Tax, performance, compliance, support and more.

Product Review Management

Positive Product Reviews are ultra-important in order to make an item successful. Read more to see how Percy Group can help you stay ahead in this area.

Trademark Design, Registration and Enforcement

We help you design and register your own UK / EU Trademark, for use with Amazon Brand Registry and step in when rogue sellers abuse it.

Branding and Brand Strategy

Amazon buyers love 2 things; Brands and Prime. We tell your brand story in a ‘sticky’ and useful way to ensure Prime-members make wise purchasing decisions (i.e. from you)